Site Management

DBuild & Co has over 30 years experience in kit building and designing solar ground mount systems. We offer site assessment that will demonstrate the suitable ground mount system. We will come to your site, make a physical assessment of the ground space, as well as other factors such as shading from surrounding buildings or trees. A preliminary wind speed assessment can also be made. We will also check existing electrical systems to assess the most suitable connection points for your system and identify underground services if required.

System Design

DBuild & Co’s team of qualified engineers will evaluate the site assessment data, and working with your building designs or site conditions, design your renewable energy ground mount system. This design will include engineering drawings of the system overlaid on to your site, electrical single line diagrams, power generation estimates and, if required, engineering certification of wind loadings.


DBuild & Co can quote in a range of services over the project management and installation that include: freight, all logistics, site facilities i.e. toilets and offices, security, trenching and earthworks.

Project Management and Installation

Often overlooked, professional project management processes are critical to the timely and effective delivery of your solar power project. DBuild & Co is a professional project management company with qualified engineers dedicated to your renewable energy projects. They will manage all aspects of your project, with particular emphasis on the safety and environmental management issues.

Service and Maintenance

Solar PV systems in general require minimal maintenance, however regular cleaning and checks of the electrical connections are recommended for optimal performance. Clearing weeds and vermin on any ground mount system is also required and can be managed by DBuild & Co. We also offer maintenance and warranties on all DBuild & Co builds.

Pre-construction Planning 

Pre-construction planning is crucial for the success of your project. Our professional team  works with you to prepare precise cost estimates and timelines that meet your requirements regardless of how large or small your project/vision is.

Custom Design

Creating a custom designed dwelling once meant engaging an architect and crossing your fingers that somewhere, somehow you’d find a builder who could make it happen for the right price. Those days are over. DBuild & Co is a leader in creating, custom designed kit dwellings to suit every kind of budget, from studios to small homes even large family homes.

Construction Management 

We offer outstanding construction management services that keep costs low, improve the quality of your project and maintain on-site efficiency. Our experts will bring their expertise to any project, large or small. Whether you require assistance in constructing your own kit home or would simply like us to construct your kit home for you.

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