“… A reconciled Australia is one where our rights as First Australians are not just respected but championed in all the places that matter …”
Kirstie Parker – Board Member, Reconciliation Australia

Community of Tjuntjuntjara

Reconciliation is about understanding the meaning of recognition. Recognition of past wrongs, recognition of the current challenges, recognition of future opportunities for Indigenous Australian people - the traditional owners of this land.

At its heart, Reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.

In 2019, we are proud to commit DBuild & Co to a Reconciliation Action Plan.

We are currently working internally to business plan and aim to have this publicly in place by May, 2019.

Working closely with our Indigenous Affairs Manager at DBuild & Co; Jade Torres, as a part of our Reconciliation Plan, we have also commenced a privately owned DBuild & Co Australian Indigenous art collection. This will be a range of premium commissioned artwork which will be created by the traditional owners of the communities we work closely with all over Australia. This is our objective as a company to committing to the improvement of each community we work directly with, allowing them the opportunity to express their culture through the form of art, something that has been culturally in practise for thousands of years. As a part of this commitment, we will be working closely with Pwerle Aboriginal Art Gallery to achieve this with a responsibility of culture awareness and respect.

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