The Mega Anchor is still an easy cost effective solution to all types building, fencing, solar and construction challenges.


Mega Anchor products are being used for all types of projects all over Australia and the world with a steady increase of suppliers and installers. With building and construction methods changing over time, new Mega Anchor products are frequently being developed to suit the constantly changing construction industries. The Mega Anchor is a patented product.

Patents have been granted in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, China, India and South Africa.

The Mega Anchor is a pre-manufactured pile cap for grouping 3 or more friction piles in the ground as a foundation. The Mega Anchor system is suitable for commercial solar foundations for a range of different solar structures. The Mega Anchor can be adapted to fit any solar structure. The Mega Anchor saves time and money as minimal site preparation is required. No holes or concrete is required and the solar structure can be installed immediately after the Mega Anchor is installed. This drastically reduces your onsite time.

This particular site also offers other challenges. Access to the proposed areas are located within embankments meaning larger traditional piling systems will not be able to set up larger piling machines without the need for more extensive site works preparation to the area. This adds to an overall project price reduction. This site also has legacy redundant services that the Mega Anchor can be precisely manipulated around to ensure a successful installation.

If we hit rock this does not affect the installation of the Mega Anchor system. Simply drilling into the rock to install the pile presents no issues for this system, eradicating the need for heavy drilling equipment.  The Mega Anchor system does not require any specialist equipment leaving deployment costs at a minimum.

The Mega Anchor product along with materials is in stock in South Australia, DBuild & Co also employ rehabilitated prisoners through a government endorsed program called U-Turn who will form part of our installation team. DBuild & Co can be deployed within two weeks for installation of this project.

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The Mega Anchor is quick and easy to install and is fully load bearing as soon as it has been installed. You can save time with no footing inspection or waiting for concrete to dry. 

The Mega Anchor uses common and widely understood piling technology. The Mega Anchors unique patented geometric configuration takes piliing to the next level. The Mega Anchors configuration makes it superior to conventional footing systems with the 3 piles locking into the ground providing un matched bearing capacity and pull out capcity of other footings in its class.


The Mega Anchor has proven to be an easy and cost effective solution to construction challenges.

The system can be used in a wide range of soil types.

The Mega Anchor is fast and easy to install in all climates and geographic locations.

Site disturbance is minimal and the use of chemicals for the treatment of white ants and termites is reduced considerably.


The Superior geometric configuration of the Mega Anchor supports both downward and uplift forces.


Sloping sites:

Mega Anchor foundations eliminates the need for costly excavation and drainage on sloping sites which also prevents against erosion and enables the home to be designed to run with the natural contour of the land. It also allows for natural ventilation underneath the house which assists with cooling in the summer.


Maximizing sub-floor space:

·        Leaves under floor area neat and tidy.

·        Maximises space for access, ducting and other services.


Environmental Advantages:

·        Minimum environment impact (small footprint).

·        Materials are non-polluting to the environment.

·        Mega Anchors are removable, reusable and recyclable.



Rated at 3 tonne, load test conducted on a single Mega Anchor driven to refusal has the capacity in excess of 3 tonnes with no settlement.

Loadings are not an issue for long spans requiring open unimpeded access.

Using Mega Anchor has many advantages over traditional construction methods - Why would you use anything else?


·        Quick and easy to install

·        No concrete required

·        No heavy lifting

·        No need for heavy machinery

·        Height adjustable

·        Impervious to termites and moisture

·        All steel construction

·        No post holes required

·        Minimal site preparation required

·        Temporary or permanent

·        Full load bearing immediately after installation

·        Light weight and easily transported

·        All weather, all terrain, anywhere

·        Structural members installed immediately (no waiting for concrete to dry)

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