DBuild & Co’s SIPS (structural insulated panel system) is Australia highest quality building system by a wide margin. A bold statement granted, but easy to verify. DBuild & Co’s Structural Insulated Panel System are highly insulated with low thermal bridging, airtight and contain no organic material that is vulnerable to moisture degradation.


Insulated panels are laminated using DBuild & Co’s magnesium oxide board on either side of fire retardant rigid foam insulation to engineering tolerances in a factory environment, assembled into wall, roof and floor sections complete with services within walls, and when delivered to site and erected you can immediately install windows and roofing and you are closed in, ready for finishing. This can happen in a matter of days from having your floor or slab down. Using a fraction of the manpower by comparison with conventional construction, saving weeks of construction time.

What are SIPS?

DBuild & Co’s SIPS are Structural Insulated Panel System, an extremely strong, well insulated and economical construction system. The panels can be used to construct floors, walls and roofs delivering the highest performance homes available on the Australia market.

DBuild & Co’s SIPS replace traditional timber framing with interconnecting composite panels that are manufactured in Australia from a combination of DBuild & Co’s magnesium oxide board and rigid foam insulation. The DBuild & Co’s board is a totally inert fibre reinforced mineral cement board that is impervious to fire, water and pests while being hypoallergenic and containing no chemical binders.

Why choose SIPS?

DBuild & Co’s SIP structures simply work better than conventional timber framed buildings in almost every way. They have better insulation, airtightness, strength, fire and mould resistance.

SIP panels have a core of rigid foam meaning they are incredibly well insulated and because all connection joints are foam sealed for airtightness the thermal performance of a SIP home is significantly better than timber framing – whether you want to keep warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

What does a SIP house look like?

Any house you like!

Unlike some modular or prefabricated construction systems which dictate what your home must look like DBuild & Co’s SIPS can be used to turn any design into a high performance home. Want a classic villa with a high pitched roof and gable ends? Not a problem. How about a Scandinavian style modernist house with a flat roof? DBuild & Co’s SIPS can handle that too.

If you can imagine it then you can probably build it with DBuild & Co’s SIPS!


  • Simplicity – 1 assembly process, replaces 8 separate processes in one step. Saving you time and stress.

  • Stronger – Independently tested to withstand severe earthquakes and cyclonic winds.

  • Water Resistant – Will absorb very little water, and will breathe it out without losing any structural integrity

  • Impact Resistant – You will struggle to put anything through this panel.. trust us we have tried

  • Comfort & Efficiency – Better quality insulation for both heat and sound so you can save up to 40% on power and heating bills.

  • Fire Rated – Fire resistant with Zero Flame spread, Zero Smoke spread.

  • Quicker – Build time is significantly quicker, saving you labour costs.

  • Greener – Less harmful on the environment to produce.

  • Mould & Insect Proof, plus its Hypoallergenic – No toxic materials used; Neutral to allergies; doesn't attract or harbour mould or bacteria, so insects aren't interested.

Have more questions? Be sure to visit our FAQ page to give you more of an understanding of the SIP.

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