The community is located 205km north west of Alice Springs and it takes 2.5 hours to drive there. Access to the community is by the Napperby station road, which runs west from the Stuart Highway, 122 kms north of Alice Springs. The community is located 83 km from the turnoff.

We trailed our kit build program in Laramba; a remote community 250kms North-West of Alice Springs. This process involved planning, consultation, proof of concept and most importantly - local community engagement. This allowed us to assist in up skilling local workforce


Our 3 Key focus points were Consult, Design and Deliver.


Consult: Working in collaboration with remote communities & government agencies. Listening to remote community needs & wants. Creating culturally adaptable and cost effective solutions. 


Design: Half the time which means half the cost. Produce culturally appropriate designs. Utilise environmentally sustainable, robust building materials. 


Deliver: Supply a kit form house with everything rehired to build. Train and up skill local labour using professional mentors. 


Key benefits

Robust Instruction

Environmentally Friendly

Fire Proof

Vermin Proof

Cost Effective

No concrete

Energy efficient

Versatile Designs

Can be made to be both permeant and temporary 



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