The Atitjere community is located 215km from Alice Springs a long the Plenty Highway - nestled at the base of Harts Ranges, Atitjere is home to some of 460 people.

The basis of the Night Patrol in Atitjere is to help improve the safety of the Indigenous community. The paper concludes that the core business of community night patrols is (non-crisis) crime prevention not defecto policing. It also concludes that an unrecognised outcome of patrols is capturing and sharing local knowledge about community safety issues and solutions. 

DBuild & Co is a multi-form builder specialising in modular and component based projects. Our team provides building solutions that are energy efficient, cost effective and quick to build. We work with designers and engineers to adapt project concepts to be integrated into our building methodology. This method has been used into constructing this Night Patrol also with the physical help of the Community Development Program (CDP) participants. 

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